The Jason Show
Its fucking gloomy as hell in Texas today, fuck!  The Jason Show youtube should be very interesting tomorrow 3-14-2011.  My fucking ass itches.  Japan is fucked up!  How many of you think this is the beginning of the 2012 stuff?  The Jason Show PhoneCast will be updated tonight also at 1-575-802-8200 with a special song, for a special dork.  The PhoneCast for those of y'all who do not know is done on a system called Mytelespace.  You can get a free account by calling 1-575-802-8600.  There is like over 900 users on the system and 90% of them are blind.  And I give them all hell.  Sorry if you think that is heartless lol.  But any who I got to go shit, this is my very first blog.  Stay tuned for a whole lot more too come.

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